Dear reader,

Welcome to by blog.

In 2009 I followed my husband to America, our 2 kids in tow. In doing so, I left behind an interesting job, many friends and family and – last but not least – my sense of being a useful member of society.
Faced with the huge task of becoming an American housewife, I felt utterly lost those first months in DC. Mostly in a therapeutic way, I started writing about my experiences. The outcome was a series of short stories, written in Dutch and directed at ‘the homebase’, that related my clumsy attempts at American integration and motherhood. Under the loud cheers of my readers, my writing has grown into something bigger over the past years. So much so that I published a compilation of short essays – in English – about my mishaps in America’s capital.

However, time does not stand still. My integration seems not to be complete yet and things keep on happening.
So it is that I decided to start this blog. It will not contain profound philosophical views or informed economic analyses about America. It will just relate – in an unpretentious way – my life and my attempts at being on top of it.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.



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